Help us get minority languages on the agenda at SXSW Interactive 2013!

I, skincare along with Kevin Scannell (founder of Indigenous Tweets) and Maite Goni (Basque expert on education, sick languages and web 2.0), have proposed a panel for South by Southwest Interactive 2013, one of the most exciting and most important stages for discussions about the web and digital media. The title of the panel is “Social Media: A New Hope for Minority Languages?”.
It would be a great thing indeed if we could give a voice to some of the smaller languages and the issues their speakers face online at this event. But in order to do that, we need to garner votes, and stimulate discussion to show them that our panel is worth picking.
You can help us do that by registering on the SXSW Panel Picker website and then give our panel a thumbs up vote. This is the URL you need to get clicking:
You’re welcome to put a comment on the page too, discuss/criticise the choice of questions/topic. It’s all good stuff. Or, if you don’t want to register then please share this email, or give us a mention on social networks so that we can increase the visibility of our campaign. Voting closes on August 31st. Every vote counts!
We hope you agree that it’s a panel worth voting for, and we’d welcome any comments. Thanks for your time! Much appreciated.
Here’s the pitch…

There are approximately 6,000 languages spoken in the world; of these UNESCO believes that over half will disappear by the end of this century. Two thirds of the world’s languages are spoken by less than 20,000 people. Minority Languages are spoken all over the world, and the internet is becoming increasingly multilingual.

But do speakers of such minority languages actually use them on social media? What are the ways in which social media can benefit these languages? Can memes indicate language health? How do minority languages compete when scale and global reach is so much of a factor in social media’s appeal? And why use a minority language online when it’s just easier to communicate in English, Spanish or Mandarin?

This panel will try to unpick the relationship between social media and languages, from the perspective of developers, content producers and language technologists, and question whether online technologies are a boon or a disaster for minority languages.

Vote now!