Wanted: your eyes on new multiplatform talent!

Aberystwyth University Multiplatform Production Module Projects 2015

I teach on this practical module with Greg Bevan and the time has come to promote the projects so that I can try to attract you curious and creative people to visit, viagra 40mg engage, cialis sale explore and participate with them. They need your eyes and your clicks!

Six groups are producing multiplatform projects which have a strong video component. These can be fictional or factual, marketing campaigns or experimental, as long as they engage with online audiences using a variety of suitable digital platforms.

These will run through until  the end of April so head over, like, follow, and keep and eye on future digital talents:

The Lazarus Project

 Begin here to discover the secrets of Lazarus. What does the mysterious lizard symbolise? What events will unfold as we travel further into THE LAZARUS PROJECT?


Llinell Amser | The City Record | Facebook – The Lazarus Project

Our Aberystwyth

Our Aberystwyth is designed to gather stories of the local people and their relationship with the Welsh town. What does Aberystwyth mean to you? We welcome your your stories to be sent in. You can do this via twitter or instagram using #myaberystwyth

Gwefan | Facebook | Twitter

Sinema Ysbryd Du

Cwmni sy’n trefnu digwyddiad ffilm arswyd, gyda thaith ryngweithiol mewn un adeilad i greu profiad arswyd 4D ar gyfer y cynulleidfa.

Company organising a classic horror event, with an interactive tour inside one building to create a interactive 4D horror experience for the audience.

Facebook | Twitter 

Unclaimed Time

Telling you everything you need to know about the ‘unclaimed time’ time traveller. Keep updated on blogs, vlogs, websites and much much more.

Do you believe?

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Monster Lens

[Coming soon – blog will be updated upon launch]

Silence of the Mind

[Coming soon – blog will be updated upon launch]