Who and what?

Rhodri ap Dyfrig
Rhodri ap Dyfrig

I’m Rhodri ap Dyfrig (sometimes Nwdls), angina and I’m studying for a PhD at Aberystwyth University (Dept. of Theatre, Film and TV Studies: my staff page) and also work part time on my previous job coordinating the Department’s partnership with Boom Pictures Cymru (previously Boomerang+). My area of study is participatory media and online collaborative production in the context of minority languages. I also lecture occasionally on the practice and theory of different aspects digital media, particularly in the Welsh / minority language context.

I’m fortunate to have been awarded a KESS scholarship which is co-funded by the ESF, The Welsh Government, Aberystwyth University and Boom Pictures Cymru to carry out the work on the PhD. During this time I’ve also worked for Boom Picture Cymru as a social media producer on several productions such as live broadasts from the Royal Welsh Show Sioe/11, Sioe/12, Ffair Aeaf/11, Ffair Aeaf/12, and the living history series Y Plas.

This blog will mainly be in Welsh, with occasional English interludes. I may blog in other languages if I’m feeling up to it. I also blog over at Haciaith about the Welsh language and technology, and am one of the founders and co-organisers of the annual Welsh language tech unconference Hacio’r Iaith, where we’ve been making/sharing/learning since 2010.

Other projects I’ve been responsible for are Hanes y We Gymraeg (histories of the Welsh language web), Yn y Ffrâm (a Welsh language teaching resource on film and television in Wales), Blogwyr Bro (a pop-up hyperlocal experiment at the Eisteddfod – Wales’ national festival of Welsh language culture) Umap Cymraeg (a Welsh language tweet aggregator – no longer online) and Pictiwrs.com (a Welsh film review site – no longer online).

You can contact me through any of the communication technologies listed on the contact page.

And what does Dyfeisgar mean? It means “innovative” but read literally in Welsh it means “lover of gadgets”. I’m aspiring to the former, working from the latter.